Heirloom Computing Showcases its Single-Click Mainframe to Cloud Software Platform

November 17th, 2021

An RPA-infused integration of Heirloom® and Probe™ delivers an industry-first

SAN FRANCISCONov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry-first, Heirloom Computing has achieved the remarkable feat of migrating an IBM Mainframe application to the cloud with a single click.

For organizations looking to exit the data center business and migrate to the cloud, their mainframe infrastructure represents a challenging hurdle to clear. Heirloom Computing’s compiler-based replatforming of mainframe workloads, augmented with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), translates to the fastest, lowest-risk project delivery, with an unmatched ROI.

This short video of a live session showcases how the orchestration works – it starts with a direct connection to a mainframe end-point to initiate the collection of a COBOL, CICS & VSAM application, all the way through to it executing on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk cloud platform as a Java, Apache Tomcat & RDS application.

The entire process was orchestrated from start to finish using Heirloom Computing’s inventory analysis & collection tool, Probe. As instructed by Probe, the Heirloom software platform did the heavy lifting of automatically refactoring the code for execution on the JVM and migrating the data to Amazon RDS. RPA was used to automate the entire process, migrating the application in just 2 minutes.

Pedro Maschio, Distinguished Analyst, ISG

“Heirloom Computing is a rising star in mainframe modernization software because of the outstanding speed of delivery and performance that its solutions can offer to clients. This level of automation demonstrated here takes it to the next level.”

Graham Cunningham, CTO, Heirloom Computing

“Heirloom already delivers several unique, compelling benefits, and this showcase is a clear statement that we will not stand still. We are continuing to invest heavily in applying RPA for extreme levels of automation, covering all aspects of migrating even the most complex mainframe workloads to any cloud.”

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Heirloom Computing is an award-winning enterprise software company that partners with Global Systems Integrators and cloud providers to replatform and refactor mainframe workloads as agile cloud-native applications on any cloud. Our Global 2000 clients select us because we deliver the fastest, lowest-risk transformation journey with a fully transparent process using a software platform that puts you in complete control. For more information about how Heirloom® and Probe™ can increase agility and dramatically cut OpEx, please visit

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