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Heirloom® is an award-winning software platform for migrating mainframe workloads to AWS. It delivers the fastest, lowest-risk approach by giving you the freedom to turn the dial between replatforming and refactoring at a granular level, putting you in complete control of your modernization journey.

Heirloom produces cloud-agnostic applications so you can plug & play your applications with any of the AWS cloud application platforms, including App Runner, Batch EC2, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, EKS, Lambda & ROSA. This simple but powerful end-state enables your mainframe workloads to fully exploit the native capabilities of your preferred target AWS cloud platform without any compromises.


Migration to cloud-native AWS platforms

Heirloom Computing was built on AWS from day 1. Discover how our pioneering work delivers unique benefits to your modernization journey with fast migration to modern agile technology stacks that put you in a great position to quickly deliver on whatever comes next.​


Venerable erased its dependency on the mainframe by migrating to AWS with Heirloom.


Heirloom partners with GSIs, such as Cognizant, to successfully deliver the most complex migrations.


High-Performance Mainframe Workloads on AWS with Cloud-Native Heirloom


“The system was custom-built in the 1980s, and the design was extremely complex. This has been a hugely impressive implementation that has enabled Venerable to adhere to its cloud-first strategy.”

Tim Billow, EVP & CIO, Venerable


“To meet its growth objectives and customers’ rising expectations, Venerable needed to modernize a core application with 1980s roots. To get there, it created a technology ecosystem of partners that pivoted around Amazon Web Services to quickly up its cloud migration game.”


We migrated the TPC-C benchmark to AWS, which is designed to cause contention within the database, and ran 22,500 user sessions, producing sub-second response times at a throughput rate of 1018 transactions per second. Equivalent to 15,200 MIPS with an underlying load of 105 MIPS per CPU core.



This is a collection of short videos that showcase the agility of Heirloom applications on the AWS cloud.

Mainframe to AWS Cloud in 1 Click (~4 minutes)

Replatform & Refactor the AWS Card Application (~5 minutes)

VSAM Data Migration to AWS RDS (~3 minutes)

Creating a Microservice from a CICS Transaction (~2 minutes)


See For Yourself

You can download the Solution Brief or review some of our mainframe modernization Case Studies along with customer testimonials.




Heirloom Computing works with industry-leading Global Systems Integrators and Cloud Service Providers to deliver comprehensive application modernization projects for our Global 2000 clients.

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